The Garden of Eatin'

(Topics by Time)


Groceries in the Fence Row (10, 1 & 3) - Wait, is that plant you're weeding out of your garden actually more nutritious than the traditional vegetables? Carol Reese will take us on a foraging trip down the fence row that will surprise, illuminating the many wild plants that can be eaten fresh or raw. Others can be used as herbal seasoning. To get four stars, they must be easy to gather and prepare, nutritious and tasty.

The Consummate Container (11 & 2) - When it comes to container gardening, Rita Randolph wrote the book. This life-long horticulturist and garden writer knows how to maximize a small space with high-impact design. She'll show you how to arrange container gardens overflowing with vibrant, colorful and occasionally delicious plants.

Gardens of England (12 & 4) - Jason Reeves brings the best British gardens to you through dazzling photographs and captivating stories from his recent travels. This royally good presentation will give you a taste of the history, elegance and charm of English homes and gardens without the transatlantic flight.

Fruits of Labor (10 & 2) - Growing your own food is incredibly rewarding...but it's also hard work. Don't waste time, effort and money on ineffective gardening practices. If you're new to gardening, or just want to improve your skills, join Gregg Upchurch as he discusses the realities of producing fruits.

Garden Eye Candy (11, 1 & 3) - The right combination of plants, hardscapes and design elements can take your garden from good to gorgeous! UT Gardens Director Sue Hamilton offers imaginative ideas for creating head-turning curb appeal.

Seed, Soil, Sun and Savor - Gardeners and Their Tomatoes (12 & 4) - Gardeners never tire in their quest to find the perfect garden tomato. Yet, when it comes to our taste for tomatoes, we may not realize the many facets of flavor that come into play. Join Natalie Bumgarner for a session on what you are really savoring and ways to improve home garden tomatoes.

Herbalicious. ***ADMISSION TICKET REQUIRED.  Cost: $5.  Tickets on sale beginning at 9 a.m. outside Room 162 for 10 a.m., 11 a.m. and noon sessions. Tickets for 1, 2, 3 and 4 p.m. sessions available at 12:15 outside North entrance of main building. Limited to 40 attendees/hour.*** (10 - 4) - The flavor and aroma of fresh herbs add zest to any meal. The UT Extension Kitchen Divas will show you when, where and just how much to use as you sample tasty recipes enhanced with herbs.

Disease Management Screening. (9-4) - New this year, we're partnering with the LIFT Wellness Center to offer free disease management screenings. These screenings help participants prevent illness and learn about health issues. Take the short test, and if a risk is determined, you could qualify for free lab work and a free consultation with a healthcare professional.


AgResearch Wagon Tour.  (10-4:30) Wagons leave every hour and half hour. - If you need a break, get off your feet and take a relaxing wagon ride around the Research Center grounds. As you jaunt along, UT scientists will fill you in on the history of our center, the current research taking place here, and our important role in Tennessee agriculture. Discover the many ways our work affects your life.

Diagnostic Center. (10-4:30) - Staffed by UT plant and pest experts, this is the place to take your gardening grievances. Our specialists can identify and prescribe treatment for weeds, disease, insect damage and other plant ailments.

Master Gardeners' Plant Sale. (9-5) - Shop this sale for easy garden results. Find a large selection of trees, shrubs and perennials.  Proceeds from the sale benefit master gardener projects that beautify our city, and also go to help support our grounds which serve as part of your state's botanical garden.

Exhibitor Tent. (9 - 5) - More great shopping available here! Local businesses offer plants, lawn equipment, garden art and crafts. New this year, booths featuring artists from the West Tennessee Artisan Trail.


Woody Goodies (10, 12 & 2) - Justin Stefanski will acquaint you with the beauty and benefits provided by woody landscape plants, including the edible offerings many trees and shrubs provide for both humans and wildlife. These low-maintenance plantings provide multiple seasons of interest.

Vegetable Gardening FAQ's (11, 1 & 3) - UT Extension Agents Celeste Scott and Lee Sammons get lots of gardening questions from homeowners. They'll provide answers to some of the more common inquiries they receive and discuss prevalent gardening mistakes. They'll take questions from the audience, too. Just ask!

Clean Eating (10 & 12) - If you're incorporating more fruits and vegetables in your ornamental garden, you may want to add more fresh produce to your diet, too. Nicole Hancock, a registered dietitian with the LIFT Wellness Center, will offer lessons on "clean eating" and how you can use these principles to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle.

Gourmet Greens (11 & 2) - Microgreens are all the rage, and if you haven't tried them yet, you may be hooked after this presentation from Natalie Bumgarner. Microgreens are the young sprouts of any edible plant harvested just after the first leaves develop. Fans describe them as tender and tasty. Natalie will teach you the best ways to grow your own and even let you taste test a few of her favorites.

Gardening is Good for You (1 & 3) - Incorporating edibles in your ornamental gardens provides a great source of fresh, healthy produce. Dean Kopsell will discuss the healthiest of vegetables - how to grow them, their nutrient content, and the best preparation methods.

Prized Perennials (10, 1 & 4) - If you're looking for unfussy plants that supply many seasons of magnificent foliage and flowers, take this walking tour with Andy Pulte. As you explore our versatile perennial plantings that range from the classic to the unconventional, Andy will point out the best combinations of sizes, shapes, colors and textures for a winning landscape layout.

Back to KinderGarden. (11 & 2) - The most recent addition to our sister gardens in Crossville, Tennessee is an outdoor classroom and play area for children. Nancy Christopherson and Walt Hitch will take you through the planning and implementation of the KinderGarden that was designed to enhance cognition, social skills and literacy in young children.

Farm to Tray (12 & 3) - Teresa Crouse, an instructor at Liberty Technology Magnet High School, knows that gardening is good for the body and mind. She directs the school's Farm to Tray program that teaches science, math and responsibility through gardening, while also providing fresh produce to local school cafeterias. Learn more about this innovative award-winning program.

Banquet in the Berms (10 & 2) - If you think vegetable gardens should be relegated to the backyard, think again. Mixing edibles with ornamentals can be beautiful and functional, and the principles of garden design remain the same. Tour the annual berms with Jason Reeves to see how he's artfully infused edibles. Learn about proper plant selection and pleasing combinations of plant color and structure.

Cohabitating Vegetables (11, 1 & 4) - Lucas Holman introduces you to vegetable plants that make great partners for ornamentals. He'll show you how to get started and maintain vegetables in ornamental beds, including the proper layouts, soil conditions, water needs and pest management practices that will make for a successful ornamental vegetable garden.

Flower Beds with Flavor (12 & 3) - Many herbs are as beautiful as they are useful and blend brilliantly with more traditional ornamental plantings. Jeanne Guidi can give you culinary uses for a variety of herbs, along with tips on proper siting and care that will be useful whether you're planting them in containers, beds or designated herb gardens.